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by Eliana Fermi on July 23, 2018
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Karen Waldrup, Justified Review 3

There is a lot of singer-songwriter talent in and around Nashville, but as they say, “The cream rises to the top.” With New Orleans native, Karen Waldrup, that is the case. She is an excellent vocalist with a clear, bold country sound, who plays guitar, and is an exceptional songwriter.  Able to put on thrilling live performances, she is the full package. Her album Justified brings the aforementioned qualities to bear on eleven tracks that have all the great songwriting elements of country music.  She has a powerful voice that is versatile, but when a track calls for a little rock attitude, her voice brings it and of course she has the abilities of a clear folk singer as well when the tune calls for it.  Most importantly, she always has a true country color to her singing that is firmly rooted in the genre. Country fans agree, with the first single from Justified, “Warm In Your Sunshine,” charting in the Top 100 on the Billboard Country Chart in September 2017. This young woman is an amazing artist and that’s the short of it!

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July 23, 2018
In Short

Colorado Kiss
Nobody's Runnin' Away
Parker Presley
Slow and Easy
What Goes on in This Bar (Stays in This Bar)
Sometimes He Does
Praying for My Cowboy
Warm in Your Sunshine
Cool Hat
I Hope You Dance


Release Date: July 13, 2018


Waldrup Worldwide Records/The Fuel Music


36 minutes


A well rounded artist that already has a unique songwriting style, singing style and the presence to convey them both, that sounds like a triple threat.

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Karen Waldrup’s album Justified is an excellent collection of tunes that are well written, beautifully sung and all firmly standing in the country genre. The country singer-songwriter has songs that offer high-energy, influences of the blues, a little rock-n-roll, and of course, she can tug at the heartstrings. The album is well-paced, has a nice selection of feels and tempos and she stacks up a fine version of Lee Ann Womack’s tune, "I Hope You Dance." This country artist is keeping true to the country idiom, while still pushing the music forward, I hope you’ll check her out!

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